Cracks in YOUR Camelot……

No matter a certain situation or circumstance, two people will not view them with the same pair of eyes.  A situation that one person may seem as harmless, another can feel fearful or threatened and certain emotions bubble up that remind us to put up our guard.  The only thing we can really do is learn how to control our reaction, our response.  Which if you are threatened, (emotions, feelings, etc.) your reaction may not be the one you wish it could have been several hours later after you had time to think about it.  

But what if you’re the person that might have caused the “situation” to happen, even though you may not even realize it?  The same rules apply….   there are different eyes and thoughts circling the situation and you can only react in a way where you do not push matters or cause an even worse reaction from the other person.   Take time to analyze everything, but do it in a way where you show care and not harshness.  

More then likely, everything will simmer down before you know it and your reactions may have put you in an uncomfortable spot.  But if you recognize this soon in, you will not feel like you’re hiding in a corner waiting for permission to sit down.  The easiest thing we can do is just “let it go.”  Easier said then done?  Yes, but with practice it will become a lot easier and then a second nature.

I was reading about an exercise that Tony Robbins did with 2 other people.  They were told to watch a video and then tell how it made them feel.  Each one of them had a different response.  Tony said it made him angry…. another said he was boiling and the last one said….  “That seemed a little harsh.”   Tony liked how this guy responded and thought about if we too were to look at situations that made him angry and change the view point.  “Change what you look at, and what you look at changes.”

Learn to control your emotions and you will have mastered yourself.   Me,… I’m still in school learning this lesson.


Keeping Life In-Focus…

Kevin Talley       The Tall Guy with the Camera 




About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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