A reminder that there are still peaceful moments……

A reminder that there are still peaceful moments......

I remember a moment in 2009 while living in Miami…. I had to drop off a CD of pictures to an agency while noticing my gas gauge was doing a few weird things. I’m never one to let my tank go so low that my car would run out… but this time I did. My car stalled off in the middle of a causeway. I had to either walk two miles in one direction or a mile in the other with not the best of walking shoes on. As i started walking with a bit of anger and embarrassment I decided to change everything I was thinking at that moment about my situation. As I looked over to my left I could see multi-million dollar homes surrounded by the bay. Just then, a dolphin jump up from the water and back in with a splash. My next thought…. “If I’m going to be broke down somewhere, this is a nice place for it to happen.” At that moment, I found peace with my situation. In fact, it didn’t even seem like a bad thing any longer , but more of a fun challenge with the long walk across the causeway and back with a 3 gallon container of gas.

I was reminded this week that we all need a “brain break” or just a moments rest from the everyday noise.
This week I ventured to Charleston, SC, Hilton Head, and then to Savannah. I got to try new foods, see new things and very old plantations with so much history. I met new people, took lots’ of photos and realized how much my mind and body needed this time to re-charge and even get a sunburn.
We all have a creative side within us that needs to turn off all the noise around us in order to find peace. This doesn’t mean you have to be on a beach somewhere…. it can be in the pages of a good book, writing in a journal, talking a long walk, or just sitting in silence.

Keeping life in-focus,
Kevin Talley aka Tall Guy With The Camera.


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  1. As I have always said, you never cease to amaze me, you are an awesome young man, with so many talents, and so much words of wisdom and a lot of inspiration!!

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