Why some people do what they do ….

There are so many times in life where we wish we could change our current circumstances to hopefully better ourselves on some level of sanity.   But was is sanity?  Beside the obvious, I had to put some thought behind why some people make certain decisions, say certain things, or preform some totally stupid act that pisses everyone off. haha

We all see life through different eyes.  What I my think or do may seem “normal” but then totally ludicrous from someone else opinion.   I have put a lot of practice behind really thinking about the actions I’m getting ready to move with.  Will these actions benefit or hurt me?  Will my actions hurt someone’s feelings?  So instead of always thinking how our actions will only benefit us, we have to take a quick second on the overall outcome.  This really does take a lot of practice.  It’s like having your brain do an extra task before you’re allowed to take another step.

A general rule of thumb is “do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”  So for me, killing someone goes right out the door.  Stealing, or breaking into someone’s home pretty much has no pull either.  But why then do these actions seem ok for others to do ?  It basically falls into a person’s environment or parental upbringing, unless the person is just stupid or mentally ill.

The human mind is amazing and I can only give my two cents worth when I write these blogs. Your input is always welcome of course and to criticize only makes me want to beat people up.   Just kidding.

P.S.   yes there are grammar errors in my blogs…   I am perfectly imperfect, just like everyone else in this world  😉

Keeping life in focus.

Kevin Talley   aka  Tall Guy with The Camera


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  1. I like it! It really boils down to personal responsibility, doesn’t it?!

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