We are so perfectly imperfect….

I’m at my fourth decade on this planet and although there are days I feel like “i get it,” I know that I really don’t.  But what is there to really anyway?   I remember my mother when I was growing up, how she made life seem so easy and carefree.  me, as an adult, I still see life with those eyes, but with a daily reminder on what needs to be accomplished.

So what is it?  Is there some form of rule book that we are to follow to help us during out many follies or do we just run around like ants in an ant farm?  Are we any closer to being something that we are not sure of anyway?

We fall, and we get back up again.  We watch our favorite tv shows, go to the gym, eat, and eat more, (haha), we have our daily conversations that for the most part are self-defeating unless you make a conscience awareness of what your are saying.

Do you remember as a child, you would look up into the night sky and just ask yourself so many deep questions?  Why don’t you do that any more?  Bravo if you do, but most of us loose sight on living a less-stressful life.  We let the little things get to us while some of the best things that are happening right in front of us go by unnoticed. Did you know that it takes over 700,000 light years to go from one end of your galaxy (Milky way) to the other?  And that is just one galaxy ! There are billions of other galaxies.  To me, that makes any problem I think I may have seem pretty sad in the big picture of things.

We are all so perfectly imperfect in so many ways which makes us pretty awesome people.  We are able to create dreams, but at the same time, create nightmares.  Yin and Yang, good and evil, or what ever you want to call it. You have a choice in making dreams happen for yourself and those around you, but you just have to do it.

So I’m at my fourth decade on this planet….. and, well,  I love it !

Keeping life in focus,

Kevin Talley  aka  Tall Guy With The Camera



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  1. Amen. Again, wonderfully insightful words. How boring we would be if we were perfect. There is true beauty in our imperfections and in our struggle to figure out how we fit into this universe that is so expansive. And we are truly blessed when we find others that can see that beauty in us and choose to walk with us on our journey.

  2. This is absolutely True Such honest words Thank You Kevin Talley Aka the Tall Guy with The Camera I Appreciate reading this ..

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