Day after day we all walk or run around this planet like blind mice, trying to find the cheese without hitting a mouse trap.  If you happen to catch the news from time to time, you might notice the mouse traps are pretty much in every corner we turn, without any cheese to grab off of it.  

Not making any excuses for myself, I am just as eager to run from one situation into another, without giving much thought of the traps by my feet.  And yes, those damn things hurt !  Luckily, we have a great “sense” about things which allows us to maneuver around these traps, but there is a catch (not the trap),  those traps are still there regardless of your ninja skills for getting around them.

So what are these traps?  Most people call them “problems”.  So to name a few, we have : Financial, marriage, relationships, health, jobs, etc..  Here is something I really want to bury into your thinking… it isn’t easy, but here it goes.  “YOU DO NOT HAVE PROBLEMS.  YOU ONLY THINK YOU DO”   Now go back and read that again !!  Does it make sense.. probably not at this point, but allow me to explain.

By using the word “problems” we allow ourselves to put things in a category.   Once we list something going on in our life as a “problem”, we tend not to deal with it because it brings us pain or even fear, right ?  So those “problem” issues never really get taken care of… they just remain “problems”.

Ok…  so here is the answer to all of your “problems.”  Ready for this??  As said above “You don’t have problems, you only think you do” We are now going to help you re-think what you think.  Re-wire your brain if you will on how you handle these “problems”.  Instead of using the word “problems”, I want you to start to use (in its’ place) the word “Circumstance“. Here is why….   The word circumstance itself does not put anything in a category.  In fact, it also doesn’t represent “pain” or “pleasure”.  But what it does do is allow your mind to try a figure out a way to move trough it in such a way as to solving it.

A great example….  I think the most powerful four letter word is “HATE.”   “I hate to workout”, I hate to drive in this traffic.”   “I hate trying to lose weight”   “I hate working with that idiot.”   Are you getting the examples?   So now.. that if you changed the word “HATE” in “Difficult” or even better “challenging” ?   “I find working out challenging”,    “I find working with Steve to be a bit difficult at times.”

Now…  you may not realize it, but you just totally opened up your mind to a whole new way of thinking… better yet, problem solving !  You see,  if you “Hate” something, you will not do it.  But if you find something “Challenging”,  you will find a way to do it without the principle of “dislike.” to be involved.  Make sense?

So if we look at a “problem” as just a “circumstance”,  our minds find ways to overcome and adapt new methods for handling what you may be going through.  If you put things that you find “challenging” into a category of “Hate” or “dislike”  you will never want to do it.  The issue with that is devastation of our will to survive.  Once we make a decision not to take on a “challenge”, we lose our grip on what we are really capable of.   Which is to grow to the highest branch on the tree of life.

Reading a book by one of my favorite authors, Dr Wayne Dyer, he had mentioned something I found to be life changing on so many levels.  He quoted  ” When you change the way you look at something, what you look at changes.”  This statement is extremely profound.  If you are faced with a very difficult “circumstance”,  and you changed the way you looked at… it may not be so difficult as you think.  When we have difficult times, all we do is focus on what is making our life difficult.  This in itself is self-defeating.  

In a simple way to end this I would like for you to remember this..  “There is NO normal life.  There is just LIFE.  So, go live it”  

Staying in Focus,

Kevin Talley   aka  Tall Guy With The Camera.Image


About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. Love. I agree with every word. My mother would always tell me “It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle it that determines your well being.” It is not what life throws your way but how you see it that is tantamount. I choose to see everything that comes to me as an opportunity. Whether it provides a chance for learning, growing or just an experience I never had before I always walk away with something positive. It’s not always easy, but it’s always interesting!

  2. Ditto – Life is an adventure filled with surprises, challenges and opportunities. Repeat daily.

    LynnJ AKA LadyWillow /;)

  3. It’s amazing how true your words … all depends on how we see the things in life and how to get the positive of all negative experience … . Thanks for writing and sharing youre positive thoughts … . LIFE IS NOT EASY BUT IS VERY GOOD 🙂

  4. “Do or do not, there is no try.” Yoda 🙂

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