If YOU are reading this……

If you are reading this, then you have survived Y2K,, (Wow that was a while back), End of the World dates and of course the BIG one…  12/21/12 which pretty much went out like a bad habit.  So now come yet another New Year, another set of self-promises that are usually gone by the end of the second week of February.  Goals don’t have to come and go the first day of a New Year.  In fact most people fail every year to hold any fuel to their fire.  

So you want to create difference in your life but you don’t know where to start.  Without sounding so “Tony Robins” on you, I going to tell you this….. it all starts with a single, important decision to you are ready to change.  THAT IS IT !  

Remember when you were a kid and Christmas was a month away?  Remember how long it took for Christmas to finally get there, but when it did… it felt magical.  Where is that feeling in your life today?  It’s still there, just going unseen by your own lack of conscience. 

Ii always like to practice what I preach, but I still have everyday challenges where I make wrong choices or say the wrong things.  But this doesn’t mean I am going in the wrong direction as long as I realize the mistakes.   I just went through a very incredible choice recently where I had to make a choice to “change” my current circumstances. This change came with a price, but not a bad one.  You see in the long run, you will become a superstar of your own making… but again… only if you allow it to happen.

A story…..    A very rich land owner was watching a fisherman out on his boat taking in the day’s catch.  He notice the fisherman looked at peace and had a smile with his surrounding.  As the fisherman came back to shore, the rich land owner told him…  “You should sell  your fish business and come be like me and own several properties.”   The fisherman asked “Why would I do that?”  The rich land owner said, ” Then you would be like me… live a peaceful, relaxing life, and let people look up to you.”  The fisherman thought to himself for a second and replied…  “No thank you…  I am already living that life.”  he said and walked away with a smile.

You see… you are your own creating.  You create your own happiness, you make your own choices.  A new Year will come and go as it always has.  There will always be a few bumps and hill and even a severe storm or two.  But regardless,  the New Years keep coming.

Keep yourself in-focus !

Kevin  aka. Tall Guy With The Camera




About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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