Live like you own it !!

Several years ago I was on an “extended stay” in Los Angeles, thinking about moving out there.  At the time, I had been working in the fitness industry and wanted to make my name “splash” out in LA.  But how?  A good friend and very famous photographer John Russo told me …  “You need to become the fitness guru out here.”  Again, I thought to myself “How?”  He went on to tell me his story of moving from New Jersey to LA and made it big time in his photography biz.  His secret formula….  “You make yourself the guru by saying that you are.”   Basically, to start loving and letting people now “who you are.” and then watch your creation come to life.

So fast forward to now….  I have always been involved with photography as a passion more so than just a hobby.  Most of my friends and even some family members had no idea about my love for photography.  They all new me to be in fitness and then into the life coaching biz.  But deep down, I knew I wanted to “let the cat out of the bag” when it came to my photography.  SO…  I did !  Without too much hesitation, I began shooting pics like crazy always remembering things I had learned about the biz from people like John.

But what I am trying to relate to you is how I had this passion about something I really wanted to do and made it into my life’s career.  I’m always learning, always getting more creative ideas, and most of all… I am finally doing something that I am passionate for.  And that is the most important thing.    Take pride in your work and in your life, even in the small things that you do, but never give up on that “big picture” you have inside of you.  Be your own fan club and……       Live like you own “it” and “it” will become you.

So am I a photography guru ?    Naaahhhh…. I’m better then that!

Living like I own it,

Kevin Talley   aka:  Tall Guy With The Camera



About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. Kevin,
    I am a pitching instructor from Indianapolis. I saw your post on Linkedin. Didn’t think much about opening it, but I like to at least take a look at all things on Linkedin.
    After reading your blog it brought a big smile to my face. 🙂
    You captured my exact thoughts!
    My Son totaled my truck this last Sunday, on his 17th birthday no less, poor guy. Hey it is just a piece of metal that can be replaced. I give thanks that he is not seriously injured, he could have been killed! He is sore and may have a shoulder problem, but that will heal.
    My point is that I have 3 passions. My faith, my family and teaching kids to pitch. Too often people forget their passions and settle for what ever is happening in their life at that time; very sad.
    Thank You for reminding that the passion one has, what ever that may be, is always the most important asset to be cherished!

    Thanks for listening
    Have a Better than Good Day

    Coach Billy Ayres

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