Every year…. our memory gets longer and our lives get shorter.  But all of us have a story to tell.  Stories will last forever…. but only if you tell them.   I’m still learning the meaning of “thanks” with each day as it goes by.  

I’m thankful for my real friends…the ones that I could count on one hand.  I’m thankful for the experiences I have gone through to get me where I am at today.  I’m thankful for old habits I no longer continue and new ones that are helping me grow as a human being.  I’m thankful for the mistakes i have made and still continue to make; as there are the foundation of future success.  Of course i am thankful for my family and my health, that is to be expected.  but most of all, I am thankful for “ME”.  I mean this in a way of who I am and still becoming.  

I learned  long time ago to live in the “Now.”  But this doesn’t mean we can’t plan our future. Know what drives you is important.  Knowing what your passion is and trying to live it is priceless.  Knowing not to live with on foot on the other side of the fence while looking back at the foot that is still stuck in the mud, will get you know where.  Know that God does have a plan regardless of how bad you think life is.  I told a good friend of mine the other day how just a simple smile can change someone’s day. So I am thankful for those smiles.

I had taken a picture recently of a hawk flying over.  You can see it had several feathers in one of its wings missing.  The same friend chimed in and said…  “It’s missing feathers, but it’s still flying.”   I know I have feather missing and probably a fractured wing at often times.  But this message was such an awesome reminder…. that yes, we can all still fly.  We can all tell our stories…. but birds sing about their.

I am sorry for the people I have hurt and ask them for their forgiveness.  I ask that we all look into ourselves and find our own forgiveness.

Wishing you all a very “Thankful” Thanksgiving.

Kevin Talley  aka  Tall Guy with The Camera



About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. Wow, would it be wrong to cut and paste this???? This is very deep, beautiful, truthful, etc. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

    Lynda J

  2. This whole post made my heart smile but oh how beautiful these words…”we tell our stories but birds sing theirs”. Now then, can you see the lesson in that sentence alone??? Shouldn’t we celebrate our stories in songs??? Maybe they would be songs of praises or songs of heartfelt grief but God loves every song from our hearts. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

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