Walking Barefoot in the Grass

Walking Barefoot in the Grass
By: Kevin Talley
When I was a little boy I remember my mother walking barefoot in the grass while working outside in the yard. She told me how soft it felt on her feet. When I was learning to ride my bike for the first time, she would jog next to me barefooted, not letting me fall but allowing me to feel safe and loved.
Walking Barefoot in the grass means so much more than just what it says. It’s a way some people choose to live life. Wanting to live life care free, knowing your are safe. To love unconditionally without expecting anything back in return. Moving through each new day as if it could be your last. Walking barefoot in the grass means to help others, and walking in the footsteps of grace. Walking barefoot in the grass means to live a higher evolved life based on love and not fear. It is an unspoken language that can be read just by looking into your eyes. Walking barefoot in the grass means to walk with dignity, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and to have true love in your heart for others. It means to give all you have to give, even if you think it isn’t enough. Walking barefoot in the grass isn’t something you just learn to do; it’s something that comes from the heart. A true desire to live life, to love, to give, to help, and to breathe life into your lungs. Walking barefoot in the grass means to live with a positive mind set, to not dwell in the past, not to think bad of other people, but to listen and open up to their thoughts and ideas. Walking barefoot in the grass means to take each step onto your life’s journey with such pleasure and love that is motivates others to live life in the same manner. Acknowledging that God’s light is with you on every turn, and on every obstacle. HIS light illuminates your life like the sun on a beautiful and warm summer’s day. Walking barefoot in the grass you can be seen in your smile. It is a genuine and loving spirit that pushes outward wanting to take flight into the blue sky.
Walking barefoot in the grass is a feeling you take with you every day in this life and into the next. It is a way of life we should all live. So take off your shoes and socks, take a deep breath of air, look into the beautiful sky above, and take a small step onto this life….. Go write your name in the sand and “walk Barefoot in the Grass.”
Dedicated in loving memory of my mother… Diane Talley
With Love,
Kevin TalleyImage


About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. Lovely Kevin–I’m sure your mom is grinning ear to ear!!

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