Intentionally Left Blank…. ;)

Over the last few years I went from being involved in the fitness industry, wellness coaching, life coaching, then I had a two year “stumble” until I found my passion which is photography.

I still like to give you “words of encouragement” and try to help people put things into perspective.  After all, it helps me as well.  I really enjoy writing small blogs and putting my thoughts to paper (or screen).   In the past I have been invited to give talks to various groups both professional and public.  One time really stands out in my mind when I was ask to give a keynote speech to a group of doctors and surgical techs on “Motivation within the Operating Room.”  There over 120 people in the ballroom as I gazed from left to right.  As the speaker called me up, I remember feeling that “lump in my throat” come up, down, and back up again.  The audio guy had wired me with a mic, but it kept reverbing, and when I spoke, I would hear myself talk over the speakers after the words already came out of my mouth.   I was ready to run out of the room…  haha.  Finally I took a big breath and gave a non-stop 45 minute talk.  Funny thing is, I would have ran out of the room in the past….  but for me to “step out of my box” was a very profound moment.  In the end… I got a standing ovation and offers to come into individual businesses to conduct similar workshops.

How many times have you “ran out of the room” in your lifetime ?  Do you wish you could go back and do it all over again?  From personal experience, “staying in the room” and working your own magic is so powerful.  It takes you out of your “box” and opens a door you never knew was there.  All these doors have signs on them.  Signs like ….  fear, love, success, happiness and then there is that one door with the biggest sign of them all…   “Intentionally Left Blank”   You see, it is this door that YOU will put the title to.  The title could be many things that you want to see happen in your life.  The question is…..  will you ?

As all my blogs, I like to keep them short and sweet and always give you a “message” within it.  So after reading this  and you are thinking about trying to “sing your song” or “stay in the room”… I leave you with this…..

“Sometimes all you have to do is show up and the music starts to play” 

Be you and find what it missing.

Kevin  aka  Tall Guy With The Camera



About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. Short and sweet! Your blogs never seem to disappoint! Hope you are well, friend!

  2. aurora lipnitzky

    Very nice, very inspirational. 45 min speech is pretty long. Glad you could pull it off.

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