Transitioning through life….

What makes us humans?  We do good things, we do bad.  We make decisions mostly on how we are feeling at the time of our lives, which isn’t always the best time.  We say things that can change a person’s life and then we say things that can damage our own.

“Leaving the past behind” is a common term used when we want to move forward in life. But does it really work?  You can try to do the best things in life, but you are still going to need to call “foul ball” fairly often, as that is what truly allows us to move forward.

I remember listening to an audio book (yes I love those), and it mentioned that “You must fail several times in order to achieve your goal.”   So to this day I still have failures, I still say and do things that I wish I could take back. But taking those “failures” back means I would not have learned a valuable lesson.

If you went through every moment in life as it was giving to you, without feeling the need to fail or succeed, would you ever know the difference?  What is success?  For some of us it means we got a new job, we lost weight, or for me… surfing on top of a killer whale while being surrounded by great white sharks would rock!! (not really).  But we all have and do things in life that makes us feel successful.  I feel great success about the relationship I have with my daughter.  I feel success when I leave the gym.  I feel success when I finish a photoshoot with someone.  I feel success when I can look at myself and feel proud of where I’m at in life.

If you could focus on certain things you already have in your life as a “success”, you might feel differently about the feelings you have you think you have “failed.”   Remember, you will always have ups and downs, ins and outs… but the only thing that really makes a difference is how you react to them.

Transitions through life doesn’t mean you have to change… it means you just keep moving on and be proud of YOU. Cross every bridge and know there is always a soft place to land incase you fall.

Keeping life in-focus,

Kevin  aka, Tall Guy With The Camera.



About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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