Finding your purpose is right in front of you….

It’s amazing how fast time goes by isn’t it?  I’m just around the corner to being 40 y/o… and it seems like I got to this point in my life in just a blink of an eye.  I was spending time with my father the other day and we watched Raiders of The Lost Ark.  It was made in 1981… wow!  I remember vividly watching that movie in the theater when it came out. 

As I come to my 40th year on this earth I can honestly say I feel like I have so much more to accomplish.  Over the last year I have worked to develop my photography skills, but probably not for the reason you may think.  In my lifetime, I have worked for an airline (11 years), ran my own fitness training business, worked as a life coach and speaker.  But then life came to a sudden stop.  When my mom died in 2010 I was working as an instructor at a college. I left my position and “checked-out” of life for nearly two years.  I basically ran away from everything and everyone one.  But the thing is, I traded one set of problems for another. 

My mom had left me a “goodbye” letter which was found after her death.  It wasn’t the kind of letter I was expecting.  Some the the contents were telling how I need to really work hard for the things I want in life and not to give up.  I thought to myself what it was that i truly had a passion for doing.  It was no longer fitness or coaching people, it was my photography… which most people never even knew I did.   

So it was time to take a step outside my comfort zone in which I had coached so many people in the past to do for themselves.  Photography for me has been such an amazing way to express myself, just as writing these blogs.  Every time I shoot, I learn something new and gain a better knowledge.  But the best part is that I am finally doing something in my life that I am truly passionate about.  I guess after nearly 40 years it’s better late then never.

So after I set these things in motion to follow my passion, I had struck up a conversation with a dear friend.  She had said “I wonder how many people go through life without ever finding true happiness?”  Now that question could be an umbrella to so many other questions under it, but stick with this question for a moment.  Are you doing something in your life RIGHT NOW that you are passionate about?  If not, why?  What are you afraid of ? What is the worse thing that could ever happen?  Failure?  The most successful people in the world have gone through many failures a thousand times over until they got it right.  

“You cannot dig up the seed you just planted in hopes you would get a crop.”  

Are you missing your boat?  It is never too late to start…. to begin a new adventure.  But you do have to take action (as my mom said) in order to make it happen.  Think about YOU for just a moment from a third-person perspective. Is the person you are looking at (you), a happy person?  Are they creating a life that they are passionate about?  

We can all make changes and create new dreams… but are YOU DOING THAT?  

For me…  I know about aperture, focal length, ISO, and shutter speed.  Not because I was forced to, but because i am “Loving life behind the lens.”

Now… keep your dreams in focus and I will take that picture anytime!


aka…  Tall Guy With The Camera Image


About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. Kevin,
    It’s interesting, during a challenging time, a young man sends inspiration (I could be your father) from my first home…Kentucky. Following years in Ohio, Michigan, New York; and now Atlanta, it’s great to have this link to home.
    Blessings, Stephen

  2. Purpose leads down process road, process road with life chuck holes make for little obstacles and challenges; but if you keep driving; eventually the road smooths out. That is called the big payoff. Greater is he [God] who is in us then things, situations of this world.
    Purpose, process and payoff…let’s get started.

  3. Kevin, Thank you so much for writing this. I have several parallels with you- Age, my mom passed Jan 2012, I’ve been checked out emotionally, AND I was about to quit Photography school, but decided to stay. Your mom sounded like a great woman of wisdom like mine. I’m passionate about Acting and Photography, but I just don’t like the editing lol. It’s a Pain in the ass! Thanks again, I’m encouraged.

  4. Great post Kevin! Every person was put on this earth for a purpose. Unfortunately, many do not find it and some don’t even bother looking.

  5. Nicely said – wishing you much bliss on your journey – when passion meets purpose and preparation – look out world! I reached that point in my forties as well…

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