The ultimate example of a human being

Think to yourself for just a moment that you are high on a mountain, looking at the valley below.  In between you and that valley you will find a path that leads you to it.  However on this path, you will run into several obstacles before you ever reach the valley.  There will be time that you doubt you will ever even make it to see the green trees and the rushing water or the stream.  But just when you feel like you are ready to give up, you feel that “internal spark” that pushes you further to the valley.  But no matter what you may think… you WILL reach your destination.  Maybe not the way you thought you would have, but you will reach it.

We all get side-tracked of what and who we really are.  We allow our minds to only focus on bad events that are happening around us.  And if you remember a previous blog i wrote, I want to remind you of this…  “I Become my surrounds.”  If you’re hanging out with people that are not empowering you at some level, then move on.  At the same time, are you empowering someone to achieve their dreams?  It’s a give and give world, but that is what it takes in order to receive anything in return.

I have personally stopped and stared at obstacles in my life, most of which I put there myself.  Doing this takes us out of alignment with our source…  God.  Remember the old saying “What would Jesus do?”  What if you did ask yourself that question before you ever set foot to the bedroom floor when you wake up in the morning?  Our journey through life will always have it’s ups and downs, but it’s how we react to them is what makes us who we are.  In truth, we are all part of God, therefore we are all part of each other.  So by helping someone else, you are in fact helping yourself as well.  Does this make sense now?  

One of my favorite people of all times (and my close friends would tell you) is Mother Teresa.  She was asked once why she helps all the people that she does.  Is had told them- “They are all Jesus in different disguises.”  I take this as what I mentioned above about all of us being apart of each other.  Was Mother Teresa a rich woman with lot’s of power?  No..   She made a decision to be the ultimate example of a human being. 

What could you change in your life to become more “aligned” with God in your life?  I will tell you this…  you will lose friends along the way, but you will gain so many new ones that will help you and love you in such a beautiful way.  That “internal spark” I mentioned earlier, would become a bright light that will never go out and help light you pathway.  This my friends is God.   It doesn’t matter if you believe in HIM or not…  God is there.  Every thought you have, every thing you do, God is there.

Want to be a great example for others?  Then start helping those around you who need it the most.  You could be a simple word or conversation that changes someone’s outlook on themselves.  We all have a creative power that was our birthright.  After all, we are all part of God….  so start creating great things!

Love to you all!

Kevin Talley  aka:  Tall Guy With The CameraImage


About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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