Letting to Go to Receive More

So you are standing in front of two massive doors that rise over 20 feet tall.  On the other side are thousands of people waiting to greet you with a mass of applause.  The two doors begin to open, you suddenly hear the theme from Star Wars blast out from the orchestra as you start to walk into the room. Everyone is so excited to see you and talk to you.  After all, you just saved the planet from total disaster.

What a great way to start a blog huh?  haha..    I have been talking to some people and of course personal issues and question always arise.  How often is it that you find yourself in a stalemate with a bad situation?  Or trying to get away from one?  Here is a bit of advice that is so elementary, bit we still seem to not pay any mind to it.  In simple…  WALK AWAY.    WOW!  Pretty deep huh?  One of the hardest things to do is to walk away from a bad situation. We often find ourselves questioning why it ever happened and “why me?”

For just a minute, take away everything about the “bad” in the situation.  What do you have left?  Just the situation.  If you look at it as if there was nothing “bad” about it, could you walk away from it easier?  In most cases, YES !  If someone flips you off in traffic (devastating and life altering I know), do you go on for weeks and ask yourself how and why that happened?  Of course not.  So when something happens that does “dig deep”, why is it we can’t just walk away?  It is in our nature to learn and analyze things but there is a time when we do need to just let go.  PERIOD !  Don’t question.  Don’t keep looking back to see if it will get better.

In a previous blog I mentioned a quote that I want to say again here.   “Anger is the last emotion we feel before CHANGE happens.”  Now there are two types of people I think about when I say this quote.  There are the ones who will move forward (and ask some questions of course), and the ones who stay living in anger until it all blows up.  Which one sounds like you?  If you pick “option 1” then you should feel confident in your choice and happy as you read this.  If you picked “option 2″ then you are reading this and thinking of your current circumstance.   I must be a mind reader huh?

Truth is, when you let go of a bad situation and leave it behind… no looking back.  You will get so much more from it then you ever would have by staying in it.

One more quote I want you to write down and remember… really write this one down.  ” I BECOME MY SURROUNDINGS “.   Have you ever been with a group of people that had different accents and before you know it… you are now talking with the accent? haha.  Now if you are in the middle of a group of people that are gossiping, do you stick to your guns and be true, or do you join the conversation?  Of course it is hard not to be part of a group of friends, but I have learned that people will respect you so much when you are YOU.  It takes a lot not to “add in” your two cents.  But it’s priceless when you speak truth and avoid drowning yourself in yet another situation.

In closing..   Not everything has to be difficult as we make out to be in our minds.  God gave us the will power to over-come any situation.  But when we need help, don’t be afraid to ask.  If it is your pride or you’re worried what other people will think, you will never get any where.   You need to give in order to get.  Do you want help with a bad situation?  Then you need to help someone else with theirs?  Remember what Jesus said to his disciples after the last supper??  ” Love each other as I have loved YOU.”     When is the last time you have lived by this rule?  Make small steps and you will jump mountains in no time !

Love to you all..

Kevin  aka..   Tall Guy With The Camera


About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. Gretchen Mahaffey

    Kevin, I have read a few of your posts and really find them uplifting and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

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