Time for a change……….

It is Memorial Day 2012 and I am writing today’s blog with the “force” of positive energy.  Now I don’t want to write something that is just straight out “come on you can do it”,  but more on the note of …  “It’s time for change”.

“Change” is something I often write about in my blogs.  Without change, there is no growth.  And without growth… we die.  Sounds a bit serious huh?  Well, you should always know that one of the most difficult task you will ever have in your life is learning to over-come and deal with failures.  Truth is failure is necessary for growth.  I have learned this so many times in my life and there is only one option…  “time for change”.  If I don’t change, I will fail in every aspect of my life, both personal and professional.  

So is there really a “fork-in-the-road” or is it just such a simple decision that I’m just not seeing it?  Again, I am not going to pump up the energy to the point where I sound like a TV host.  I’m just making a simple point that you need to look at.  If you are having difficult times (as we all do) and don’t know what to do…. trying stepping away from yourself and look inward.  What advice would you tell this person from this perspective?  In this way, the answer seems a lot easier but are you willing to take you own best advice?  What are you afraid of?  Losing friends?  Worried what people will think of you?  In the end…. WHO CARES?  You are the one who has to live with the choices you have made and live with, which also mean you are the one who can change it.  Now doesn’t that sound nice?

What is your current circumstance that you are having problems with?  Job?  Relationship?  Money?  Or all of the above?  haha.    There is no magic button that will give you compete relief. But there is a true satisfaction that comes from over-coming adversity on any level.  This is when you become strong, wise, and an overall super-human!!  Remember how you felt when you accomplished going through a really difficult and emotional time,  just to look back and think…  “It wasn’t that hard.”    Time does heal wounds, but life will always give you more.  Every emotional scare you have is a true reason to celebrate life.  YOU DID IT!!  And you will always be able to climb the highest mountain or the smallest rock…. the choice is yours.

Time For a Change…

Kevin   aka…  Tall Guy With The Camera




About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. GREAT post Kevin! I believe I will be printing this one! Thanks, friend!!!

  2. Thanks Kevin! I think you wrote this just for me.

  3. This was such a needed message for me, thanks! I especially liked: “try stepping away from yourself and look inward. What advice would you tell this person from this perspective?”

  4. Hi Kevin , it was fun reading your blog. Over the weekend I have been writing a family book known as ” 30 Cows From Heaven ” I m have never had so much fun. Thanks , Omar

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