“Walking Barefoot in the Grass.”

As many of you know, I lost my mother in July due to complications with her cancer treatment.   I have never lost someone so close to me and of course it has been a difficult time.  My mother and I had a great relationship that I hold so many memories of.  As a life coach, I have helped clients overcome grief of a losing loved ones, not knowing this would soon happen to me.   I know that grief is a powerful emotion.  Fear, anger, and resentment are other emotions that come with grief, along with irrational decision-making.

I learned in a very short period that you find out who your true friends are during a time of crisis.  At my mother’s funeral I got to see relatives and former neighbors I haven’t seen in over 15 years.  I received several emails, and messages from people I have never met on Facebook offering their support.  Several of these people have had similar experiences losing a loved one.  This is something I hold very dear and I thank you all.

As we all know anything and everything can change at a blink of an eye.  A couple of weeks before my mother’s passing, she had told me “last moment request” in case she did die.   Kind of like the song “Live like you’re dying”.   Thinking about everything we had talked about, I decided to make good on my word.  I gave forgiveness and asked for forgiveness from various people.  in an instant, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders.  Live life as if it was your last week and you can truly feel what a blessing life is.  If I could go back I would have spent more time with her….thanking her for being such a great mother.

So those reading this blog, I encourage you to speak to your parents, your siblings, friends and relatives.  Find peace within yourself and within them.  If this was your last day,  how would you be remembered?  How did you love?  What legacy did you leave behind?  We all live in a “Pocket of Time”….. so do something great with it!!!  A flash, a blink of an eye and it could be all gone.  Make a difference, help someone who really needs it.  Do something nice for yourself.  Find forgiveness for yourself and others.  Be at peace with who you are.  Love others as if it was your last week.  Be patient and listen to others.  Reach out and be heard.  Go write your name in the sand and walk barefoot in the grass.  Most of all…. Love. Love each other with all your heart.  In the end, it’s all about love and happiness.

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words.

Kevin Talley


About Kevin Talley Photography

Louisville Based Photographer. Published in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health Magazine Former Model with Elite and Wilhelmina in Miami and NEXT & Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. Connie Patterson

    Just beautiful Kevin. I lost my father, who had cancer-acutally Leukemia-in 2000. I wish I had the chance to say some things I didn’t get to say to him. I didn’t think he would die, isn’t that silly. The doctors kept telling us he had the kind that was easily treated. Of course that turned out to not be true. I had read some of the comments on some of your other blogs that your mother had written. It was easy to tell you and her were close.
    P.S. I love to walk barefoot in the grass.

    • Carl Daigrepont

      You’re a great guy, Kevin and your Mother was lucky enough to be able to see your success.
      I’m sure she felt a sense of pride and accomplishment at completing a job well-done.
      That will insure a state of peace that a soul requires to continue on it’s journey undeterred.
      In short, you helped your Mother go to Heaven just by being yourself.
      Now, look upon your Daughter and instill in HER what your Mother instilled in You.
      You see, I told you she’d be with you…

  2. Beautiful words, Kevin. You are gonna be just fine. ♥

  3. Carrie Merchant

    Dear Kevin,

    What a thoughtful tribute to your beloved mother! Sending you my sincerest condolences for her loss. I had no idea she was ill. I am so sorry. It is extremely difficult to loose a parent and you are never, ever ready or prepared for when they pass. It’s tough and I feel for you during this sad and difficult time. I know you have wonderful memories to cherish forever. Holding you in prayer, Kevin. All my love, Carrie

  4. Lisa Wyatt Boston

    Dear Kevin,

    I am heartbroken for you to hear the news of your mother. I had kept her in my prayers and wrote you a time or two and never heard back so now I understand why. My heart goes out to you but I am so proud of you for honoring her last wishes and for writing what you did to encourage each of us to truly live and love and forgive every single day. You are such a wonderful legacy to your mom. I am very sorry that she passed away and suffered but she is in a place where pain and sadness do not exist. Only love and laughter. 🙂

    Thank-you again for sharing and I will continue to pray for your healing as the loss of a mother is huge.


  5. Kevin, this is beautifully written and has such a powerful message of the core of livng….LOVE! You inspire others as you share your journey. I am with you in spirit.

  6. Kevin…thanks so much. I have a few of those relationships that need to be made right. Thanks for giving me the courage to go and ask for forgiveness.


  7. What a great message, Kevin. I Have been reading your blogs and using your advise ! Keep writing. The touch me in my everyday life.
    Your Cousin, Tom

  8. Pamela Hillerich

    FABULOUS Kevin! Thank you so much for sharing and you will be in my continued prayers! PEACE

  9. Doc,

    What a bright light you are!!

    It has been my pleasure to get to know you, laugh with you, love you.

    May the legacy of love your mother left with you be your comfort and strength in the coming years. Praying God’s blessings on you, Alexis, and your family, and especially your Dad as he seeks the courage to live on.

    Love, Peace, Grace, & Mercy…. and walking barefoot.

  10. Hello Kevin, I know how you are feeling. I have lost my mother ( 52) I was only nineteen yrs old. I was just becoming a woman, She was like my best friend. I greived for a long time, but time and God helped the pain ease. But never forgotten. Then I gotten closer with my dad, ma and dad were divorced at the age of 5. I tried to spend every free time with him that I had, he lived 3 hrs away from where I lived, Well then he was diagnosed with cancer and 2 yrs later he died in 2005 of March, which was really hard and going back thru the lose of another parent. Then another tradgedy happend in May 1, 20005 my 17 yr old neice Casey, was killed in a car accident the morning after prom night, She would of graduated on the 28 th of May and her 18th BDay was May 26th 3 days before my bday. So she is always remembered. So the heart never heals but mended, I have learned to give love, and not to expect it back. I am lucky though because I have my hon and sisters for support. We help and we talk about all the good times we had with them. You know we dont belong to no one but to God and he gives and takes away. We are all on borrowed time. I hope you will find comfort in your heart and remember you will see your mother again one day and the same with me. I wish you well and I am sorry for your loss, But she is in no Pain anymore.. God Bless You and your family. Betty

  11. Kev: Both my parents have entered THE CHAPTER ETERNAL but they DO remain at my side, continuing the love and the support they had always given their sons. I find myself, at any moments notice, JUST TALKING TO THEM…and our lives, TOGETHER, go on….seemingly uninterrupted. WOW…I love you Mom and Dad.

  12. Kevin, your words are so beautiful! You are the most inspiring man I have ever known. Your mother was so lucky to have you as a son & I’m sure she couldn’t have been more proud of you. She will live on through you. I pray for you & your family to live strong & get through such hard times. With you around I’m sure you bring so much light & love upon them. Keep writing, you touch me with all of your words everyday, as you do to so many people. God bless… Erin

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